Our Mission & Vision

The Nkuringo Green Hill Health Clinic (NGHH) was set up in partnership with Singing Gorilla Projects, a UK based NGO, whose mission is to support the community in and around Nkuringo and provide readily available, accessible and affordable medical services and treatment.

Our Values

Singing Gorilla Projects works with NGHH to provide:


The provision of funding for the development of the Nkuringo Green Hill Health Clinic (NGHH).


The delivery of health services, in line with guidelines set out by the Uganda Ministry of Health, delivered by the community for the community.


To partner with the Uganda Catholic Medical Board (UCMB) to manage and develop the NGHH into a hospital facility


To fund the medical education of NGHH staff.


To develop the management and governance of the NGHH

Did You Know

The human body is a holistic system, so the therapist directs its attention not only on the hearth, but disease and general condition. So, with the help of a doctor and under its supervision, you can influence the disease and condition your body as a whole.