Patient Care and Health Information

Opening hours

Opening hours are generally 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but may be more limited in critical care areas.

For the comfort of our patients, guests are asked to keep visits brief. If you have questions, please check with the nurses in the unit.

Special visitor policies

Please check with the specific unit or call NGHHr to be transferred to a specific unit and find out more.

Our requests

We ask that no more than two people visit a patient at one time. Children under age 16 years are not permitted to visit unless special arrangements are made with the nurse in charge.

Perfect Care

Our passionate - in the best sense of the word - junior and middle staff provide supports for the leading consultants and unrivaled care for our patients.

Guarantee of anonymity

Each of our employees sign an agreement on non-disclosure. So you can always be sure that all information you provide remains within NGHH

Adaptive pricing

We make our prices as accessible as possible to ensure that anyone, regardless of financial situation, had the opportunity to receive quality service in NGHH.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At your request, treatment and examination can be arranged. We also offer the following treatment programs:

  • HIV testing
  • Malaria testing
  • The early detection of longer term disease and illness